The City of Johannesburg has withdrawn from the South African Local Government Association (SALGA) as of 30 August 2018.

Ntombi Khumalo MMC for Group Corporate and Shared Services says the decision came after the Council approved the non-payment of subscription fees to SALGA on account of the entity’s dereliction of duty to the City.

The City believes that SALGA failed to perform its function diligently, honesty and to the best of its ability. According to Khumalo the City has on a number of occasions tried to engage SALGA to no avail.

“As a point of clarity, the decision by the City of Johannesburg Municipal Council does not constitute termination of the City’s membership to SALGA. It is rather a refusal to continue paying subscriptions to an organisation that is dismally failing to perform and discharge its function, roles and responsibilities.

Withdrawal has no effect on collective bargaining

“Withholding of membership to SALGA does not in any way constitute withdrawal from collective bargaining structures. SALGA is a facilitator between the City and employees; it remains obligated to continue as per its commitment to its members.”

“It is important to highlight that the City of Johannesburg’s collective bargaining structures such as the Johannesburg Division of the SALGBC, LLF, LMF and LMCs will continue to function and we will engage organized labour in all matters mutually beneficial to all of us,” Khumalo concludes.

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