The City of Cape Town has invested in specialised vehicles and equipment with the aim of fast tracking repairs and improving service delivery.

The vehicles are equipped with specialised tools that will allow the City’s newly formed mobile maintenance teams to do repairs on the go as well as respond quickly to water leaks, electrical faults and pipe bursts among other maintenance requests at the City’s rental stock.

According to Stuart Diamond, Mayoral Committee Member for Assets and Facilities Management, the initiative forms part of the City’s Organisational Development and Transformation Plan.

Multi-skilled teams

“It is envisaged that each of the four area-based service delivery areas will have a dedicated mobile maintenance team. These maintenance teams will act as a first responder to maintenance emergencies and will deliver services, similar to the services offered by a depot, to communities at an accelerated pace,” he explained.

The six-seater mobile maintenance vehicles will be stocked with frequently utilised maintenance materials, tools and equipment in order to carry out repair work once the rental unit has been inspected.

The teams will be made up of multi-skilled members including a driver, four construction and electrical artisans supported by maintenance assistants and administrative staff.

Continued improvement

Diamond added that the deployment schedule of the maintenance mobile teams will be based on the historical needs assessment in the four service delivery areas.

“The addition of these specialised mobile maintenance teams is a step in the right direction that will increase mobility and customer-centric service delivery. The effectiveness of the maintenance teams will be monitored to ensure that we continuously improve on our services to residents,” he concluded.

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