Access to affordable and efficient energy is critical for development and investment on the continent and while the continent has seen rapid and meaningful economic growth in the last decade it is trailing behind most others with regards to energy security.  

A major challenge to the African energy sector is funding for energy projects. Political and credit risk remain critical factors hindering potential investors from investing in the energy space of Africa.

Alleviating this investment challenge necessitates the development of new and innovative funding solutions and approaches that befit the African landscape. If successfully employed, these funding initiatives should assist in terms of bankability, ultimately bolstering project development in Africa’s energy sector.

Inaccessibility of power is another major challenge on the continent with many outlying rural areas still without access to electricity because of poor grid infrastructure and vast distances between which power needs to be distributed.

Africa Energy Indaba

In an effort to address these challenges and discuss possible solutions industry experts and stakeholders from around the globe will gather at the Africa Energy Indaba at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg on the 19th and 20th February 2019.

According to the organisers attendees will be privy to interactive discussions pertaining to how the nation can enhance its investment appeal to attract funding as well as how Africa can improve access of power in their respective countries.

“The conference will stand as a supportive platform to educate market players about how they can contribute to increasing energy security to not only create jobs and attract investments but to improve socio-economic development in Africa as a whole,” they conclude.

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