The Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) in Gauteng has urged water consumers to be cautious in their water usage in order to avert pressure on the Integrated Vaal Rivers System (IVRS).

The IVRS has been on the decline for weeks as the water levels in the major dams that form part of the system are falling, sparking concerns that municipalities might have to put in place measures for consumers to cut back on their water usage.

Presently, the IVRS remains unchanged from last week’s 76.3% but is down from the 89% it recorded last year during the same period.

Contributing towards the falling levels of the IVRS, the major dams in the system including the critical Vaal Dam have seen decreasing water levels.

The Vaal Dam has fallen to 68.7% this week. During the same period last year, the dam was hovering at a remarkable 105.9%.

Similarly declining, the Grootdraai Dam this week recorded 81.7%. Like the Vaal Dam which went over the 100% mark last year at the same time, the Grootdraai reflected significantly high levels at 102.8% last year.

The Mohale and Katse Dam are still in a depressed state despite their recording minor increases this week.

As the country is earnestly moving towards the winter season, DWS in Gauteng is calling on water users to be prudent when using water since Gauteng is a summer rainfall area and may have to contend with depleting water levels in the coming months.

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