Colgate is launching what it says is a vegan-certified toothpaste that comes in an “industry-first” recyclable tube.

Colgate-Palmolive has begun the switch to a the recyclable toothpaste tube and is now trying to enlist other companies to follow its lead.

Most toothpaste tubes are made from plastic and aluminum, making it nearly impossible to reduce your environmental footprint. But soon, Colgate hopes you can throw your toothpaste tube in the recycling bin.

The new Smile for Good toothpaste tube is made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) — that’s the same plastic used for making milk jugs.

“Colgate wants to make tubes a part of the circular economy by keeping this plastic productive and eliminating waste,” Colgate-Palmolive’s Chief Executive Noel Wallace said in a release.

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