The City of Cape Town has been faced criticism for disconnecting the water supply of Khayelitsha residents despite their pleas to be allowed to use their taps to maintain hygiene during the Covid-19 crisis.

According to IOL, GOOD secretary-general Brett Herron said they also received reports from residents and community activists living in several informal settlements across the Cape metropole complaining of water supply failures in their areas.

With hygiene and sanitation already in dire straits in township communities, residents say water cuts are putting them at further risk of Covid-19.

“The City has already condemned us to death by closing our taps during the coronavirus,” one resident told the Daily Maverick.

A group of Khayelitsha residents held a peaceful protest this week, against the water cuts.

According to the residents, the City cut the water supply to the households due to alleged account debt and residents were now concerned about where they would get water during the 21-day national lockdown.

Source: Daily Maverick, IOL

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