In today’s world, environmental issues are becoming ever more important to consumers, to the point that they are indicating that they prefer to support restaurants, hotels and those in the hospitality industry who are committed to making green changes and becoming more earth-friendly.

Whether from food scraps, leftover food, packaging and even old kitchen supplies, one can agree that the food industry’s commercial kitchens produce rather a lot of waste, which ultimately lands up at landfill and negatively impacts the environment in the form of hazardous carbon emissions.

With so much public and consumer focus on eco-friendly sustainability, it has thus become key that commercial kitchens make the connection and start committing to reducing their carbon footprint.

Following the three R’s of sustainability – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – is the foundation for long-lasting environmental change as well as consumer satisfaction.

An added advantage of reducing food waste through increased recycling will have a positive impact on commercial kitchens waste disposal cost as well as food costs.

Sustainable and Cost-Effective Recycling for Commercial Kitchens

Getting started with recycling food waste in your commercial kitchen is not as tedious or as costly as you might imagine when you implement the Bokashi Bran system. And if you act quickly, you may benefit from even more recycling start-up savings!

Bokashi Bran is thrilled to announce that Nampak Rigids, the largest drum packaging manufacturer in the country,  has donated 150, fifty-litre food waste drums to them.

These will be used to assist restaurants and hotels in setting up their food waste management program.

Nampak Rigids produce appealing packaging that protects and preserves products which in turn plays a significant role in preventing food waste and reducing waste to landfill.  

Nampak Rigids conform to the standards, boundaries and targets set for plastics in a circular economy both locally and internationally, and support the recycling industry in collection and sorting initiatives in South Africa.

Thanks to Nampak Rigids’ support, Bokashi Bran will, for a limited time, be able to pay forward the goodwill by offering up to half of the food waste drums environmentally conscious commercial kitchens may require to begin their Bokashi Bran food waste recycling initiatives, for free.

This is only available in Gauteng.

Visit  or email to find out more about how you can get started with your commercial kitchen food waste recycling program and make a significant and positive impact on the environment while increasing customer satisfaction, all at the same time.

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