Waste management and recycling to create oil canister product | Infrastructure news

The Green Energy Africa Summit (GEAS) aims to give start-up companies an opportunity to connect with industry leaders and government officials through its Energy Investment Village, which features a selection of the most compelling local clean-tech projects. The companies will have the chance to pitch to energy leaders holding potential investments worth more than $100 billion.

In partnership with the Saldanha Bay Innovation Campus (SBIC) – the Energy Investment Village, an initiative of Freeport Saldanha, and advisory firm the Research Institute for Innovation and Sustainability (RIIS).

PWK Waste Management and Recycling is amongst the recognised companies and is set to discuss its mission behind fulfilling their zero waste landfill mission is by promoting separating from the source.

According to Susan Kone, Managing Director behind the revolutionary waste management company the need to protect GAIA has become more crucial than ever.

“We must all protect GAIA our only mother earth, in all our daily activities,” Susan said. Helping enterprises of all industries reduce waste, the entire PWK Waste Management and Recycling team has partnerships with companies to remove the waste onsite rather than direct to landfill.

As the oil industry is modernising and in the process of becoming more sustainable for the environment, PWK Waste Management and Recycling is forward thinking on solutions to help companies start the transition of zero waste or sustainability on premises.

Kone is set to present what a plastic oil container can be recycled into at the event. The waste management company will also showcase prototypes of bricks manufactured from plastic oil can containers collected from the shell forecourts.

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