Mhlathuze Water’s new CEO, Attwell Sibusiso Makhanya, has known the hardship of being without water – these formative experiences have fuelled his commitment to ensure ongoing excellence at the KwaZulu-Natal utility.

“Growing up, my siblings and I had no electricity or running water at home, we had to get up early – really early, sometimes at 1 am – in times of drought to fetch water, before we even started our day. This is not an uncommon experience for many South Africans,” says Sibusiso Makhanya.

“Today, however, things have changed; there is electricity and running water at our mother’s house. If the effects of those changes are viewed on a larger scale, it means that many previously disadvantaged people now have more time to be productive in other areas, such as studying,” he adds.

Makhanya is passionate about learning, and has made commitment to education one of the core values at Mhlathuze.

Education, education, education

Although there were hardships, Makhanya grew up at a time when there were opportunities for youngsters who worked hard and had caring and supportive parents. He has, since, used his surplus early morning time on furthering his studies.

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